From Tonos to Chronos

In 2016, Nacho received LACMA´s Art + Tech Lab award, launching the next phase in his carrier. Here he explores new mediums such as painting, photography, app design, land art, laboratory work and writing.

The resulting series, I want to know, explores the subject of light and time through an unexplained phenomenon that the artist discovered in 2009 while camping near a volcano in Mexico. A performative installation work Chronos, is set on the Hollywood mountains during the artist´s exhibition in 2019 at LACMA to be viewed from the BCAM building terrace. This work links to the artist´s light works; Asterismos, Prismas. Tonos (the artist’s opera prima).

2016 was a watershed year for the artist in many respects, personal and professional. Nacho dedicated most of the year to learn and develop the new mediums but also to write a number of philosophical essays into a book series. Here the artist as author proposes theories on the origin of life, cognition, behavior, culture and language as well as a framework for ethics and artificial intelligence.

His 2019 work with Alzheimer’s patients entitled The Bloomday Experience involves the designing of non-invasive exercises that function through interactive art works and take place within a “boutique” memory care unit. Here, the artwork is exclusively focused on less 12 residents who suffer from Alzheimer’s, all with the intent of bettering their wellbeing in a concise and measurable way.

To mark the beginning of a new stage in life and new artistic language, Nacho signs all work from 2016 on as I.R.Bach.